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Cartoni Focus HD Smart Deployment System Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader

Cartoni Focus HD Smart Deployment System Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader

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Cartoni Focus HD Tripod System Overview

The Cartoni Focus HD Smart Deployment System Tripod allows for quick setup and breakdown in any application with up to 26 lb loads. It combines the noted Focus HD fluid head with a Smart-Stop tripod and Smart-Lock mid-level spreader to provide a comprehensive smart deployment system. The system comes complete with removable rubber feet that attach to the spiked feet and with a soft carry case. The combined height range of the head and tripod together is 25 to 66.5". With all components made at the Cartoni factory in Italy, the Cartoni build quality and aesthetic are clearly evident in the design.

The popular Focus HD head features a 100 ball diameter and has an efficient Cartoni side-lock camera plate attachment system. It offers continuous counterbalance and drag and provides a 360° pan and +/-90° tilt range. A telescoping pan bar is included, while an optional second one can be attached to the other side. The head is made of magnesium and lightweight composite material.

Smart-Stop technology consists of a single release lever at the top of each tripod leg. When you flip this lever open, both leg stages are released at once so that you can efficiently adjust them. Once you find the right length for them, the same lever locks both stages back in place. The lever works with a single flip that takes just an instant. The 2-stage aluminum tripod features a 100mm bowl base and 16/20mm diameter tubes with a double tube extension on the terminal stage.

The mid-level spreader has a similar 2-stage deployment system with a "no-bind" mechanism for quick spread and collapse capability. A Smart-Lock side-button on each arm of the spreader instantly releases the two sections. The same button is pressed when you want to collapse the system. An included strap secures to the center ring of the spreader and at the same time to the tripod base. It helps collapse the spreader in sync with the tripod when you fold up the tripod. The spreader is made of high-performance composite material and weighs just 1 lb.

Cartoni Focus HD Video Tripod Head

The Cartoni Focus HD Video Tripod Head is compatible with 100mm bowl base tripods, and supports cameras weighing up to 26 lbs. Featuring a continuously variable fluid damping system on both pan and tilt movements and a patented variable counterbalance, the unit can be used with all existing ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and DV cameras. The lightweight (4.4 lbs) tripod head is easy to carry.

The Focus HD head comes with a quick-release sliding camera plate, illuminated spirit level, and orientating pan bar, and provides a 360° pan and ± 90° tilt range.

Suitable for 100mm bowl base tripods
Supports cameras weighing up to 26 lbs
Continuously variable fluid damping system on both pan and tilt movements
Patented variable counterbalance expands its range of use to encompass all existing ENG and DV cameras
Lightweight (4.4 lbs)
Comes with a quick-release sliding camera plate, illuminated spirit level, and orientable pan bar
360° pan / ± 90° tilt range
Cartoni L506 100mm Bowl 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod Legs with SmartStop

The Cartoni L506 is a two stage aluminum tripod featuring SmartStop technology. Each leg assures excellent torsional rigidity and no play thanks to the reliable self-adjusting pivot to the 100mm diameter-leveling base. This support offers 16/20mm diameter tubes with a double tube extension on the terminal stage, providing excellent stability and a wider range of height adjustment.

This tripod features an aluminum alloy construction, double extension design and a 100mm bowl base.
Height and Weight
A maximum height of 57.4" with support limitations of 132 lb are offered on this support.
SmartStop features an innovative clamping system which allows instant release on both stages with one single lever per leg conveniently located on the upper part of the tripod for fast & secure use
Cartoni Mid-Level SDS Smart Spreader

This Cartoni Mid-Level SDS Smart Spreader fits into Cartoni's SDS tripod legs. The spreader extends by pressing a button to unlock the arms, and collapses just by squeezing the legs closed. The spreader features a bind-free ratcheting mechanism, and it folds neatly within the legs of your tripod. Owing to its dual extendable sections, the spreader allows you to spread your tripod's legs extremely wide while remaining stable, for lower shots than would be possible with a traditional mid-level spreader.

UPC: 810054630456
Cartoni Hooking Rubber Tripod Foot

This Cartoni Hooking Rubber Tripod Foot can be pulled onto most Cartoni tripod models (except for Ultra-Light models) to provide non-slip contact with smooth surfaces. The foot features a rubber strap (the "hook") that secures it in place on a corresponding nub on the tripod leg.

UPC: 810054630234
Cartoni C928-2 Soft Bag for Two-Stage Cartoni Video Tripod with 75mm or 100mm Bowl

The Cartoni C928-2 Soft Bag is designed to accommodate a Cartoni two-stage video tripod with a 75mm or 100mm bowl and a compatible video head. Alternatively, it can be used to store or transport a tripod and head combination with a length, width, and depth measuring less than 37 x 7.5 x 7.5" when collapsed and placed on its side.

A durable, nylon construction and padded design protects this video tripod bag's contents which are accessible using a zippered closure. To ensure that the Cartoni C928-2 Soft Bag can always be shouldered, its features a built-in strap. Dual handles which can be joined using an integrated handle wrap allow this video tripod bag to be comfortably hand carried, while a side accessory pocket with a zippered closure provides additional storage space. For the display of a contents label or owner information, a see-through identification pocket is also included on this video tripod bag's exterior.

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