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Godox UL150 Silent LED Light

Godox UL150 Silent LED Light

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UL150is a LED video lamp with a color temperature of 5600K and a power of 150W. The UL150 features a fanless design, making it completely silent, protecting your recordings from noise. This makes it a super quiet light source for professional use, cinematography, YouTube Live and other video applications.


Fanless coolingUnusual heat dissipation system. UL150 silent lamp boldly introduced a new cooling design, without built-in fans, allowing inaudible operation, without having to modify the lighting position to adjust fan noise.

Exceptional color qualityThanks to CRI 96 and TLCI 97, the UL150 LED lamp provides vivid, natural light and faithfully reproduces colors.


Tailored to every requirement.UL150 has an external controller with a very easy to read display, which relieves the head and helps to keep the weight balance on the tripod. Since the external controller is some distance from the lamp head, the positioning of the light is much more flexible. The UL150 is DC powered but also has a V-mount battery option. Rotary mount allows for hanging and lowering lamp to the ground, easily adjustable at any angle.


Full controlYou can choose from 6 groups and 16 different channels, and dim from 100% to 0% in stepless steps directly using an external controller or RC-A5II remote control (sold separately). The lamp also allows you to use the GodoxPhoto application to control lighting settings. UL150 has an umbrella holder that makes it easy to soften the light. The lamp is also compatible with a wide range of accessories having a Bowens mount to shape and control the light.

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